FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire, invented by Paul Alfille, is a very addictive card game. This game is very skill-dependent and amazing to play. Nearly all games of FreeCell Solitaire can be solved with right play, and it is pretty rare to find FreeCell deals that are unsolvable. For some people, it makes FreeCell a much more amazing game than other more famous solitaire variants, such as Klondike, where luck plays a big factor in winning the game. With FreeCell, your winning depends largely on skill and experience.

Full Guide on How To Play FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell is a card game played with one deck. It emerges first in Windows operating system 95. The name is derived because of the temporary space of cards offered in the four blank cells above the tableau. It become popular as a PC game and is not a physical card game.

As the game start, all the cards are dealt face up so a player check his actions even sooner than making them. It is similar to Klondike but the jut difference is of FreeCell.

FreeCell Layout

The game begins with the shuffling of thirty-two cards, all dealt face up on the tableau in 8 columns. Each time eight cards are dealt 6 times over the tableau. The remaining four cards are dealt in the first 4 columns only. Thus, there are seven cards in the first 4 columns and 6 cards in the last 4 columns.


Players has to make 4 cells consist thirteen cards each in the 4 home cells in ascending order.


All the thirty-two cards in the tableau are ready to be played. To release a card under certain card, you can move it to game but try to keep them empty as easy. As rapidly as an Ace becomes accessible, it can be moved to HomeCells. You can move any uppermost card from the tableau to any freecells column or vice-versa if they are of different shade and in descending order.

Moving a full sequence

  • Player can move a full sequence of cards from Tableau to the 4 empty FreeCell.
  • If more than 1 card has to be moved, they must be in right sequence with alternating shade.

Freecell Tips and Tricks

  • The game changes from other games as all the cards are dealt face up. All the gameplay can be solved if they are enjoyed with technique.
  • Place the Aces and other low ranks cards that are hidden below other cards. Try to shift cards inside the tableau to free low rank cards if easy. The level of a game is determined with the place of low rank cards.
  • Keep freecells empty as easy. You can stay in the game for longer time, if there are 2 of 3 blank freecells but one you are drop to 1 or 2, it is hard to move up and soon there would be end.
  • Try to blank a column from the tableau. A blank column can make with cards of top rank and is more strong than a blank freecell.

Make a column with alternating shades from high rank to low rank. That column will not be stopping any cards as they are descending sequence and they can be simply released afterwards.

FreeCell scoring

Most of the games do not need scoring. It relies on how many nonstop game a play can win, called as Streak. There are different variations through internet which lets you have fun against the clock. The more points are scored if players completes game in very short time.